Niños Crean Videojuegos para Emprender en Realidad Virtual

Children Create Video Games to Start in Virtual Reality

Parents worry about their children's education and how they will be able to have innovative learning according to their needs. Technology education has the opportunity to develop engineers, resilient entrepreneurs and revolutionaries who will impact the world with their creative minds. It is essential to create strategic programs in accordance with the child's development to develop their intellectual abilities.

We know how difficult it can be to tear our children away from their video games! So we use their passion for video games and redirect it to productive activities with an educational and entrepreneurship focus. Working with video game development with virtual reality. We provide students with software, licenses, equipment such as a Virtual Reality Headset , etc. that they can take home to work on the instructor's subjects along with class work.

Afterschool is geared toward typical, gifted , and special education students. Students will create their projects with animations, programming and simulations to create a video game. Additionally, they use simulators ( Virtual Reality Headset ) to model these virtual experiences to the real environment, stimulating their visual, auditory senses and spatial orientation.

The goal of our program is to develop future professionals with the aforementioned skills to join a competitive workforce. Recently, several of our students were admitted to universities in Puerto Rico and the United States, where the majority have been awarded scholarships at the university level with our program.

We invite you to join our Afterschool program . Your child can be part of this experience too!

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