Aumento de Homeschoolers en Educación STREAM:  Cursos en Robótica y Desarrollo de Videojuegos

Increase of Homeschoolers in STREAM Education: Courses in Robotics and Video Game Development

Many parents worry about how to integrate STEM/STREAM education as part of homeschooling. It is an innovative challenge, which is why the participation of homeschoolers in extracurricular courses in distance institutions is increasing. During the Covid-19 pandemic, growth has been seen within the homeschooling community. Families dedicated to providing a change in their children's education from home.

What is STREAM?
It is defined as the acronym for (science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts & math). An interdisciplinary approach together with methodologies in “Game Based Learning”, “Kinestethic Learning” in addition to “Blended Learning”. Directed in robotics/video game development courses. Offered by the first technology center specialized in STREAM education known as STREAM Technologies located in San Juan Puerto Rico.

This integration is a fundamental change in education that results in students seeing our world differently. They approach problems with a powerful combination of knowledge, critical thinking skills where they strive to improve their projects. In comparison to the traditional method which instructs each discipline individually.

Benefits for Homeschoolers
It is a unique experience where homeschooled students can connect with students who have common interests. For many it has been a challenge to be able to share socially with other homeschoolers. Therefore, participation and exploration of education in STREAM is essential.

At STREAM Technologies we have specialized programs with which you can maximize greater performance. Request a free orientation by contacting 787-455-3274 /
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