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10 outstanding students at STREAM TECHNOLOGIES 2021

Annually STREAM Technologies is proud to recognize the top 10 students. In our specialized programs in STREAM (science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts & math). Within the robotics and video game development courses. We recognize students from homeschool, public school, special education and colleges. Which have stood out within the recognition categories such as: perfect attendance, collaboration, initiative, project creation, creativity, communication, leadership among other areas of evaluation. The determination of outstanding students was evaluated with great effort among so many talented students in our center. We encourage all students to prepare for our next semester in August along with maintaining their talent within STREAM
Education is innovative with our creditable programs that help our children prepare for a better future!
10 Outstanding Students of 2021:
1. Luis I. Maldonado
2. Jaime J. De Jesús
(Project creation)
3. Ryan A. Melendez
(Perfect Assistance/Communication)
4. Lorenzo M. Cuadrado
(Perfect Leadership/Attendance)
5. Raziel A. Ramos
(Perfect attendance/Project creation)
6. Carlos F. Vélez
(Perfect Assistance/Communication)
7. Imanol E. Chico
8. Daniel M. Andino
9. Miguel A. Martínez
10. Raúl F. Rodríguez
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