STREAM Technologies se le otorga el Sello de Excelencia en la Asociación Hecho en Puerto Rico

STREAM Technologies is awarded the Seal of Excellence in the Made in Puerto Rico Association

STREAM Techologies LLC joins as a partner and is awarded the seal of excellence in services from the Made in Puerto Rico Association. It joins many other manufacturers and service companies in the only business organization on our island created by law, and whose mission is to promote, develop, strengthen, promote the purchase and defend products and services. Granted a license for exclusive use of the "Made in Puerto Rico" brand.

We are a bilingual technology center accredited by Education & Research that offers courses in robotics, video game development and virtual reality to gifted, typical and special education children and youth. With the objective of preparing a competitive workforce in changes, socioeconomic and cultural, globally. Opening futuristic job opportunities with 21st century skills. Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rico Products Association, brings together more than 400 business partners from the country, presents its evolution with a redesign of its institutional identity. Honoring the legacy of 110 years by promoting products and services made in Puerto Rico and paving the way for the variety of companies and industries that contribute to the economic development of the island. It includes all productive sectors of Puerto Rican industries such as service, agriculture and technology, among others.

The evolution will allow STREAM Technologies to have a logo that identifies them as an organization, while the emblematic seal of Made in Puerto Rico, whose recognized mechanical wheel, is part of the exclusive benefits that its partners receive and is used as the certification of the product or service. Made in Puerto Rico, it takes on personality like its own brand. That promotes the socioeconomic growth of the island.

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