Jaloree Lantigua with STRREAM Technologies during Embbededed Technology Convention

STREAM Tech during the Embedded Technology Convention in Las Vegas!

Jaloree Lantigua, CEO and Founder of STREAM Tech, joins as a guest speaker at the Embedded Technology Convention USA, a conference that showcases the latest technological innovations and trends.

On June 8, STREAM Tech's Jaloree Lantigua spoke about how to change and impact lives through technology.

In addition to being a young entrepreneur at STREAM Technologies, Jaloree Lantigua is a speech and language therapist with certification in assistive technology. She excels in her role as an instructor in robotics, game development, computer programming, and virtual reality.

STREAM Tech is the first globally accredited technology educational center based in Puerto Rico in STREAM education.

This technology education center is committed to instructing typical, gifted, and neurodiverse students in competitive courses on virtual reality integrated into robotics and game development.

At STREAM Tech the focus is to prepare a competitive workforce without barriers and give the necessary tools to future innovators.

At the Embedded Technology Convention USA, Jaloree Lantigua brought visibility to human innovation, technology and competitive learning methods to expand global collaborations with private companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations through STREAM Technologies.

STREAM Tech is ready to change the game with its educational services and products!

You can see the video at the following link .

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