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First Certified Video Game Developer with Autism

Asbel Hernández is ready to challenge standards within the autism spectrum.

Our first certified video game developer with autism is certified. With extensive knowledge in advanced video game creation platforms such as Unity and Unreal Engine. His focus in video game development is on racing cars.

We live in a society that dictates the molds in which we must fit and this slows down our way of flowing and being in life. Safe spaces become nonexistent, opportunities diminish, and growth is not recognized for those who want to fit into different molds.

STREAM Technologies is a technology center with the opportunity to create programs for our special education, typical and gifted students. To learn in their courses in video game development integrated with virtual reality. Backed by global accreditation by Validating hours, contact and credits to university institutions with the purpose of inserting them into the world of work.

Our CEO and Founder Jaloree Lantigua, a young speech therapist certified in technological assistance, leans towards the role of instructor in video games and virtual reality to provide access to opportunities in STEM/STREAM according to the needs of students without experience or skills. Which allows us to focus on the student's goals and family needs.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological and developmental condition that begins in childhood and lasts throughout life. It affects how a person behaves, interacts with others, communicates and learns.

Due to his autism condition, Asbel faced many limitations in entering technology programs. This motivated his family to keep knocking on doors and never give up, until one day, they knocked on the door of STREAM Technologies.

Although we had never had a program for adults with autism before, we decided to try it with the support of Asbel and his family. He never missed a class! Every day, he worked hard to perfect his projects, always exceeding all expectations. Thanks to the initiative we have been able to enroll more adults with autism in the accelerated program.

One of his goals at STREAM Technologies was to improve himself. This prompted us to create a personalized study plan that would challenge him in making video games. Another of his goals with us was to increase his employability in the world of work. This motivated us to collaborate in the exhibition of your portfolio and personalized account on networking platforms.

This generation is native, digital and, many times, we forget to adapt to their needs, which are completely different from the needs of past generations. Technology never stops evolving and neither should educational curricula.

At STREAM Technologies the focus is based on our students and making their projects come to life. We are a safe space for programmers and the toolbox for future entrepreneurs!

Asbel's story is one that we treasure greatly. He is a living example that opportunities are for everyone. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences for us and we want to repeat it! This is what STREAM is all about.

At STREAM Tech we are all!

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