Jaloree, Las Vegas

Puerto Rican Businesswoman Participates in International Technology Convention!

Jaloree Lantigua, a young businesswoman, is invited to participate in the " Embedded Technology Convention". Located in Las Vegas in the United States. During June 8-9, 2022. Creates the opportunity for global expansion of your prestigious Puerto Rican company STREAM Technologies LLC. An educational technology center specialized in robotics, video games and virtual reality participates as an exhibitor at the next level.

Jaloree Lantigua

Where she has the opportunity to be one of the "Speaker" speakers of the event to an audience of more than 10,000 people. Surrounded by the most internationally recognized companies such as "Amazon Web Services", Belkin, Google etc.

Jaloree Lantigua is a specialist in robotics, video game development, technological assistance, autism and a licensed speech and language therapist. Recognized as "Outstanding Pioneer in the STREAM ( science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts & math) approach Evolving the concept of STEM with notable goals and experience in transforming education aimed at breaking stereotypes about human innovation. Opening doors to innovation, virtual reality and accessibility to the population of people with special needs.

STREAM Technologies is a bilingual technology educational center, offering specialized programs related to robotics, video games, virtual reality, programming and computing. For children, adults and students with autism. Distributes educational technology products/courses.

A Puerto Rican institution is positioned as a leading global resource for the training of students, schools, centers or universities. STREAM Technologies elevates its brand by being authenticated and recognized as a globally accredited educational provider by STEM.ORG. Through the programs, unique opportunities are opened with certifications and badges to reward our participants for achieving excellence for a better future!

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Embedded Technology Exhibitor Link : https://www.embeddedtechconvention.com/exhibitors/stream-technologie-llc/
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