Estudiante con autismo admitido en Beacon College con programa de STREAM

Student with autism admitted to Beacon College with STREAM program

Pedro Aponte is on his way to a new academic stage in video game design, challenging the questions and stigmas that people with autism face.

The student belongs to our accelerated program for adults in video games and virtual reality at STREAM Technologies .

Pedro Aponte, at 19 years old, was admitted to Beacon College , in Florida, to study video game design at the university level. Pedro is a young man with autism who has shown a lot of perseverance and dedication during his time at STREAM Tech .

Autism is a neurological and developmental disorder where the individual can present challenges in the social, communication, learning and behavioral areas. In addition to social stigmas, students like Pedro also face many limitations in education, since the curricula and programs in the educational system are, for the most part, very generalized. Furthermore, many educational institutions deny access to students with autism because they do not believe they are equally capable.

Our technology educational center has an “Accelerated Program in Video Games” to lead students over 18 years of age to obtain competitive skills in programming, animation, creation of 3D and 2D characters with virtual worlds in virtual reality, with the aim of opening them up. academic and job opportunities in a year. Additionally, we have global STEM Education & Research accreditation.

We seek to demonstrate to universities and employers that our students are prepared. That they have the tools, capabilities, and competencies necessary to be part of their university program and exceed expectations, regardless of their condition.

Likewise, we focus on the needs of each student, preparing personalized technology study plans. We firmly believe that there should be no limitations for students with special needs.

Since Pedro knocked on our doors, we saw the great potential he had and we are extremely proud of his growth over the past 11 months. In December 2022, he will receive his certification in the accelerated program in video games and virtual reality, an achievement that, together with his skills and effort, led him to be admitted to the University of Florida, where he will begin studying next year.

Our students are the heart of STREAM Technologies ; It is our pride to provide them with the access, opportunities and entrepreneurial tools they need during their development stage. No matter who you are or what condition you have, you can belong to our “Accelerated Program in Video Games”. You too can be part of a limitless education in technology!
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