El Aprendizaje a Través del Juego Ayuda a Adultos Exitosos

Learning Through Play Helps Successful Adults

Our society faces many challenges in the areas of work, education, economics, etc. As a result of several factors such as COVID-19. Therefore, it is important to teach our children vital skills to face the many crises that await us in the future. Where they can solve problems while maintaining their emotional intelligence. But it takes time to develop these skills, so we recommend starting to take supplemental courses from an early age.

“Game Based Learning” consists of the strategy of using dynamic support tools where the student has fun while learning. It is recommended to use a methodology based on the child's interests to facilitate the most effective learning. Increases curiosity by facilitating the opportunity to create great things in life through foundations in skills (social, emotional, intellectual and physical). The joy of being able to work either in a team or individually is possible with the commitment along with the professional self-esteem that is developed. Being creative, focused on their interests or abilities. To achieve this success, it is ideal that the child is exposed to a play-based education. Compared to trying to learn in a boring way, accumulating tension, increasing distractions and little effectiveness in developing a professional adult.

The educational system lacks providing tools that increase this focus in children. Which is essential to develop adult leaders, creative and innovative. It is important to be able to strengthen the capacity to assimilate changes, this is where the courses and institutions specialized in STREAM face solving most of these problems by providing a solution by creating adult professionals through our specialized and accredited programs.


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