Competencia Mujer Emprende Latina 2022 Jaloree Lantigua

Winner of Business Competition "Mujer Emprende Latina 2022"

STREAM Technologies obtains first place by convincing 17 judges in EmpodéraME from Mujer Emprende Latina, a non-profit organization committed to women's entrepreneurship.

This business competition was held for the second consecutive year on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

Our CEO Jaloree Lantigua shared her mission of inclusion in technology for gifted, typical, and special education. In robotics, video game development and virtual reality courses with his start up "STREAM Technologies". Managing to position itself in first place among 15 finalists in the competition with seed capital granted by the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico (DDEC).

With our innovative education in video game development, robotics and virtual reality we seek to develop future entrepreneurs without limitations. This initiative will be the root of many projects for future leaders within science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and mathematics departments.

Women in technology have endless challenges. Related but not limited to low income, color, ethics, culture, access to capital, and economic disadvantage. But there is good strength in connecting with a network of passionate, hard-working women and girls. Fearless, inspired and resilient to pursue careers in STEM/ STREAM.

Alliances have the power to support change from the “status quo” for a better opportunity to scale growth in entrepreneurship, education and innovation. I really want to continue supporting inclusion, a fundamental part of new opportunities for everyone.

We continue to put our technology educational center in style!

Image - EmpodéraME 2022 Participants ( Source: Mujer Emprende Latina )
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