Cursos en Desarrollo de Videojuegos Inclusivos

Courses in Inclusive Video Game Development

Do you have a child or young person who loves video games? Interested in virtual reality, robotics, animation and digital arts? If so, then our Video Game Development course is perfect for you!

STREAM Technologies offers an extracurricular program for children and young people in Video Game Development with Virtual Reality. Specially designed for students interested in technology, gifted and special education.

Summer Camp Benefits

  • Certifications.
  • Virtual Reality Headset.
  • Certified Instructors.
  • Access to platforms, licenses and simulators.
  • Accreditation in courses valid for up to one university year. (subject to the institution).
  • University Scholarship Opportunity upon completion of the program.
  • Reasonable Accommodation for Special Education students.

What do our students achieve?

Get certified as video game developers. Along with creating projects with animations, programming with digital art. Several of our students were admitted to universities in Puerto Rico and the United States, where the majority have been awarded scholarships at the university level with our program.

We invite you to join our course. Your child can be part of this experience too!

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